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Star Stable is an online game where you can explore an island from the back of your horse. Free to play for the first stages. Website.

There is no POL/POM script currently (october 2020). , PCGamingWiki.

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khinch Monday 9 November 2020 at 13:46
khinch Anonymous


I was eventually able to get this working using a 32bit container and a combination of info in these comments.

  • 32bit container
  • Windows10
  • Wine 5.16
  • Install gecko, mono210 & dxfullsetup
  • Use winetricks to install the MS core fonts
  • Install the game, add shortcut, and play

The key seems to be in the core fonts, which I could only install in a 32bit container using winetricks. The command wouldn't work in 64bit containers for me, even with WINEARCH="win64".

For anyone who's really stuck, I also managed to get it working using Steam's Proton using this workaround:

Specs of both of my systems:

AMD Ryzen 5 3600
Radeon RX590
Ubuntu 20.04
PoL 4.3.4 (Wine 5.26)
Winetricks 20200412

Intel i5 7300HQ
GeForce GTX 150
Ubuntu 18.04
PoL 4.2.12 (Wine 3.20)
Winetricks 20180217

(Tested using SSO installer 2.5.7.)


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etyrnal Sunday 15 September 2019 at 2:27
etyrnal Anonymous


As of right now, you have to be running at least WINE 3.20  for the newer Star Stable Online (SSO) launcher to work.  No longer works under Ubuntu 17.04 due to WINE 3.18 needing Ubuntu 18.04.  My daughter's computers are running Ubuntu 18.04 as of this writing, so...

To run SSO (Star Stable Online) as of 9.14.2019, you'll need at LEAST Ubuntu 18.04,

1.) You'll need the Star Stable Online installer from 

       note: If you login to SSO's website using a browser on linux,  you'll see the message, "You’ll need a PC or Mac to download and play the game. Head over to your computer to install the game and get started!". That's because your webbrowser is reporting itself as a LINUX web browser.  Because SSO's webserver things you are on a system their game software was not written to run on, it won't present you with a download link.  The way i get around this is, i look for a "user agent spoofer" extension for my web browser.  This allows your browser to "lie" to the SSO server and claim to be a Windows browser such as Internet Explorer.  Since i prefer Chrome, i use this extension to allow me to set my browser's User Agent to "Internet Explorer":  ( User-Agent Switcher for Chrome).  Once SSO believes your browser is a Windows web browser, you'll be presented with the download (you have to be logged in tho to see/access it.

Once you have the installer:

1.) launch Play On Linux (latest version you can -- i'm on 4.2.12)
2.) Use the Tools menu to run "Manage WINE versions".  If you do not have WINE 3.18, or better (i have 3.20), select WINE version 3.18, or higher, and use the arrows to move 3.18, or higher to INSTALLED Wine versions column.
3.)  In POL (Play On Linux), choose "Install a program"
4.)  At the BOTTOM of the window click on the link, "Install a non-listed program"
5.)  Read the 'Please read this" stuff, click next until you get to the "Manual Installation window"
6.) In the Manual Installation window, click NEXT
7.) Choose "Install a program in a new virtual drive"
8.)  In "Please type a name for your application's virtual drive. NO SPACES.  I named mine, StarStable -- CLICK NEXT
9.)  In the "What would you like to do before installation?" window, check "Use another version of Wine", and check "Configure Wine", and check "Install some libraries".  So, in MY version of POL, that's ALL three...  then click NEXT
10.) "Which version of  Wine do you want to use?", check Wine 3.18, or HIGHER.  On mine i have Wine 3.20 selected, then click NEXT
11.) "What kind of virtual drive do you want to create?", i chose 64bit.  I dont' know if you need 64bit.  If it all doesn't work, start over and try 32bit  LOL
12.)  You'll probably see, "Please wait while virtual drive is created", then the "Wine Cinfiguration" SHOULD pop up.
13.)  Set "Windows Version" to Windows 10, then click OK.
14.)  Now a "Please make your choice dialog shows up", put check marks in THREE libraries...  1. "POL_Install_dxfullsetup", 2. "POL_Install_gecko", 3. POL_Install_mono210.  Check ALL THREE and then...  NEXT

15.) If mono, and gecko, and dxfullsetup are NOT already on your system, you should see a series of windows pop up where it says it's retrieving/downloading/installing each of the three libraries we selected..  mono, gecko, dxfullsetup...  

16.) After all that  clam down, you should eventually see, "Please select the install file to run", click Browse...
17.)  A file chooser dialog opens, navigate to whereever the SSO installer was downloaded to.  For me, it was in Downloads and was named Star+Stable+Online+Web+Setup+2.1.4.exe 
18.)  Select that file and click open, or press enter...
19.) Your back at the "Please select the install file to run" dialog, with the name of the installer showing  -- click NEXT
20.) Now the actual SSO Installer should run and present you with a dialog asking for what language you want.  I chose Englis, and clicked OK

21.)  Then a dialog opens asking where you want to instal to.  I chose the default folder already selected.  Then pressed enter, or clicked Next, or Install...  it's all a blur to me now...  watch as the SSO Installer works it's tedious magic..
22.)  When the next dialog comes up and say "Completing Star Stable Online Setup",  >>UNCHECK<< "Run star Stable Online".

23.) Since you listened... and you definitely UNCHECKED "Run Star Stable Online", now, that you UNCHECKED that box, click Finish
24.) "Scanning virtual drive"...
25.)   "Please choose a file for Play On Linux to make a shortcut", Scroll down to the "Star Stable Online.exe" in the list, select it (highlighted), then click Next
26.) "Please choose shortcut name"...  i used, "Star Stable Online"...  CLICK NEXT!
27.) "Scanning the virtual drive..."
28.)  "Please choose a file for Play On Linux to make a shortcut", scroll to TOP of the list and choose, "I don't want to make ANOTHER shortcut"...  click Next

The Play On Linux process itself is complete.

POL should have created an icon on your desktop, you can either launch that icon, or you can open Play on Linux, select "Star Stable Online", and then click RUN.

Once SSO launches you will have to enter your SSO username and password that you created on the SSO website (or maybe you already had one)... 

Once seuccessfully logged in, the larger SSO launcher window will open.  It will download the game...  it's a HUGE download be patient.

Once it's finished downloading (in the SSO window), the Play button will appear...

Once you click PLAY, the screen will go black for a LONG time...

It eventually opens up tho.



Friday 20 September 2019 at 8:01
so, this works one one Ubuntu 18.04 machine, but NOT another... =(
Tuesday 11 February 2020 at 9:58
I have Ubuntu 18.04 as well, but it didn't work this way. The launcher was still damaged.

However, I got it working by using Wine 5.0 (install Wine 5.0 and select System at step 10 above) and adding MS corefonts. But I needed winetricks to install MS corefonts. Note: POL offers to install MS corefonts (during step 14 above), but this does not work properly. So, the workaround is to use winetricks: If you have winetricks and your virtual drive's name of Star Stable Online is StarStable (see step 8 above), then

29) apply in a shell (replace myusername by your name!): env WINEARCH="win64" WINEPREFIX="/home/myusername/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/StarStable" bash winetricks

30) In the on popping window: Select "default prefix", click next

3)1 Select "Install Font", click next

32) Select "MS corefonts", click next

33) Accept all the on popping windows until all fonts have been installed.

34) Click Cancel, click Cancel - all windows should be disppeared.

35) Launch StarStable Launcher

36) Enter mail address and password - first(!) launching the session needed around 1 hour on my very old machine!

I got this hint from

I'm not sure, whether Wine 5.0 is really necessary, but MS corefonts seems to be absolutely required for the SSO launcher.

On my very old Linux host (Dell Precision 670 server) it works with the SSO launcher 2.1.4 AND 2.1.7.

After finishing the SSO session an error message still pops up. So, I still need some fine tuning to get it running perfectly.

However, my daughter is happy :-)
tuishimi Saturday 6 July 2019 at 1:42
tuishimi Anonymous


Starstable Online released a new installer that does not fully work under WINE.  There probably needs to be some analysis done to see what has changed under the hood.  But the new installer is REQUIRED to run Starstable Online.  I asked them if they could share what technologies they used but they did not respond, except to say "we only support Windows and Mac OS X."


Friday 12 July 2019 at 19:23
Same here. Would really love to get it back up, have some kids that can't play now... :-/ When I run it in debug mode, it mentions stuff about missing Vulkan stuff:

err:vkd3d_check_extensions: Required user instance extension "VK_KHR_win32_surface" is not supported.
err:vkd3d_instance_init: Failed to create Vulkan instance, vr -7.
err:vkd3d_check_extensions: Required user instance extension "VK_KHR_surface" is not supported.
Friday 12 July 2019 at 21:56
Playonlinux 4.x does not support Vulkan.

Can someone upload the client somewhere ? I wish to try without having to make a account.
darkside Friday 30 March 2018 at 8:59
darkside Anonymous


The Installer needs to be downloaded with a Windows pc, as the SSO team does not provide any .exe file for Linux/Ubuntu users. Browser recognizes...

Configure Wine 3.4 as "Windows 10". Leave default for all other configs...

Game runs absolutely perfect! It's a hit for my daughter.


Sunday 27 May 2018 at 18:18
I was able to install and run the launcher and it updated without incident.
I get a message saying I don't have OpenGL 2.0 installed and then it exits.
Sunday 27 May 2018 at 18:18
I was able to install and run the launcher and it updated without incident.
I get a message saying I don't have OpenGL 2.0 installed and then it exits.
Sunday 27 May 2018 at 18:19
This happens when I enter the password and click play.
Friday 27 July 2018 at 10:01
it's an issue with your system...
Friday 27 July 2018 at 10:02
try installing 'mesa' open gl drivers and try to check, if your system supports open gl
Friday 27 July 2018 at 10:04
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/updates
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
glxinfo | grep "OpenGL version"
Friday 27 July 2018 at 10:08
If the launcher shows the "play" button, then the game itsself is alright... SSO does weekly updates, the launcher often loads lots of stuff... in the meantime, I upgraded to wine 3.13 amd64..... it works
Friday 27 July 2018 at 10:08