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Linux Desktop Is Getting Spicy This Year!

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lorky Monday 15 April 2024 at 13:33

I've noticed stuff is getting pretty wild in the Linux world when it comes to the desktop in general, but nVidia (I disapprove of them changing their styling) and gaming in particular.

First of all Mint 22 will be moving to Pipewire, which should provide better audio quality by default, at least compared to default Pulse audio with really low quality remixing. And it will start having more regular Kernel updates by default too, so it will be more viable for newer systems and thus gaming. And 23 may even bring about Wayland support (not just experimental) in Cinnamon!

Next up though PopOS which is already great for nVidia gaming, should launch COSMIC (and presumably Wayland), which should provide a much more secure and responsive DE.

Making that more viable is the imminent release of explicit sync support for Linux drivers.

And finally, Fedora moving to Wayland default for Gnome and KDE should also be pushing ahead the overall move toward Wayland and making transition viable for gamers relatively soon!

All quite exciting developments for Linux gamers and desktop users in general.

Personally, I think the "Year of the Linux Desktop" was actually when Windows 11 launched and now we are just moving along ever further. But could 2025 be the year of the Linux Gaming Desktop?

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