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Wine: 1.4.1

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English: Strategy game, you're a wizard involved in a war between 5 gods.
(updated for GOG installer v2)

Français : Jeu de stratégie, vous jouez un magicien impliqué dans une guerre entre 5 dieux.
(mis à jour pour l'installeur GOG v2)

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# Date : (2012-08-08 01-18)
# Last revision : (2013-05-19 15-46)
# Wine version used : 1.4.1
# Distribution used to test : Debian Sid (Unstable)
# Author : Pierre Etchemaite pe-pol@concept-micro.com
# Script licence : GPL v.2
# Program licence : Retail
# Depend :

[ -z "$PLAYONLINUX" ] && exit 0
source "$PLAYONLINUX/lib/sources"


TITLE="GOG.com - Sacrifice"

POL_GetSetupImages "http://files.playonlinux.com/resources/setups/$PREFIX/top.jpg" "http://files.playonlinux.com/resources/setups/$PREFIX/left.jpg" "$TITLE"

POL_SetupWindow_SetID 1353

POL_SetupWindow_presentation "$TITLE" "Shiny Entertainment / Interplay" "http://www.gog.com/gamecard/$GOGID" "Pierre Etchemaite" "$PREFIX"

POL_Call POL_GoG_setup "$GOGID" "e8a1ac074282830fce07b2d3b8f7010f"

POL_Wine_SelectPrefix "$PREFIX"

POL_Call POL_GoG_install

# GoG work!
Set_OS winxp

POL_SetupWindow_VMS "16"

# Doesn't hurt ;)

POL_Shortcut "Sacrifice.exe" "$SHORTCUT_NAME" "$SHORTCUT_NAME.png" "" "Game;StrategyGame;"
POL_Shortcut_Document "$SHORTCUT_NAME" "$WINEPREFIX/drive_c/GOG Games/Sacrifice/MANUAL.PDF"
# C:\GOG Games\Sacrifice\ReadMe.txt
# C:\GOG Games\Sacrifice\RefCard.pdf


exit 0



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korisnik Mercredi 19 Aoüt 2015 à 16:16
korisnik Anonymous


Used the predefined installation script for GOG-Sacrifice.

Installation went well after the second try. Not sure what made a difference. The first time just didn't go through.

Game starts up ok, splash screen is nice. In the initial game screen the "blue tunnel" is rendered nicely and fluidly. However the options listing (new game .. options ... quit etc.) is extremely small, like 10x smaller than should be by the resolution. Sorry for no screenshots, don't know how to take em. (The usual SS program doesn't work from within the game.)

I managed to pinpoint the box listing for a new game. Loading screen is great, fast, all good. Inside game, again, all terrain fluent and nicely generated, all sounds ok - except again the text boxes. Extremely small, unusable. There were also ocassionally some black boxes around the first character that comes along in the tutorial.

If I try running the game in Wine 1.6, the initial game screen loads ok in terms of boxes sizes. However, the "blue tunnel" and inside the actual game everything is extremely slowly renderred, with laggy movement etc. Not enjoyable enough to play.

Any idea what's so different between the two wine versions? Should I try and install all the iterations in between, hoping to find one with just the right setup?

Ping me with needed system info if you are able to give a hint how to solve this. Thank you!




Vendredi 21 Aoüt 2015 à 3:17
This was on Mint 17.2 xfce.
Vendredi 21 Aoüt 2015 à 3:23
Sorry for the (too) short reply. Anyway, to continue. Solution was found by using a different version of Wine inside POL. 1.3.15 and 1.3.19... There were occassional crashes between levels (after loading) and then I used the other one to avoid it. Also note that I installed the patch 3.1 (http://www.sacrificeplanet.net/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=viewdownload&cid=1). Interesting enough, the patch itself wouldn't run on any other version but the one used by the POL script :1.4.1. However the game had the same interface issue so I had to resort to the earlier versions of wine. All in all, it worked after some fumbling. Enjoyed the game a lot. I hope this helps someone in similar situation. Keep up the good work!
freedent Mercredi 2 Juillet 2014 à 15:31
freedent Anonymous


The game will not install concern. But impossible to run in full screen or network play.


Mercredi 2 Juillet 2014 à 15:32
On Ubuntu 14.04