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PlayOnLinux 2.0.3

Mercredi 14 Novembre 2007 à 21:59

EDIT : I forgot the chmod. For those who have had problems with dosbox-support (Z: during the loading of the game), download the.deb again, delete $HOME/.PlayOnLinux/dosbox/ and everything will be ok.

Yes you heard it well, PlayOnLinux 2.0.3 is out. Here's a summary of the new stuff:

The big move: dosbox !

Some games are installed under DOS and run with windows or vice versa. A good number of games actually.

The aim of PlayOnLinux is to give the biggest support for windows applications to run under Linux. But some of these applications run with DOS despite they've been made for Windows 95/98.

It's the case for Warcraft II.

So we installed a DOS support for PlayOnLinux through dosbox. I created a library PlayOnLinux (available in a seperate pack) that allows dosbox to use a wine prefix in a way.

You can check the result by yourself with Warcraft II :


closing the

You'll notice I can run the map editor designed for Windows and the game designed for DOS in the same time.

I put a depot called dosbox that will activate if the pack Playonlinux-DosboxSupport is installed. I made a script for Warcraft II by the way.

Other changes:

- Sometimes minor changes. For instance check_cdrom ask for the mount point when it's not found instead of cancelling the installation.

- Changes in the text message when updating that could be confusing.

Download it here:

- http://www.playonmac.com/fr/download.html