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SimCity 4 script: looking for testers

Samedi 12 Juillet 2008 à 23:24

Hello everyone

This is an uncommon news that you are reading. Indeed, this isn't a simple script announce but, above all, a request for testing SimCity 4's script.


For several reasons. The first one is the popularity of a game such as SimCity 4. Nostalgics will remember all the hours spent on SimCity 1, SimCity 2000 (available in POL), SimCity 3000, and, since 2003, SimCity 4. Allowing thousands of Linux users to play to this famous city-builder is an interesting, and above all an important task so.

The second reason of this request is the script's complexity. It's certainly not the most complex one, but it's long, has some particularities, etc...

Finally, if I ask for tests, it's also because there is numerous messages in the script, in French and in English. I invite people who well master English to report to me my translation mistakes.

You will find the script here: http://www.playonmac.com/en/topic-1793-SimCity_4.html

I ask you to answer to few questions, after testing the script and some minutes of gaming:

Does the game runs correctly?
Is display working correctly?
Set the game's resolution to 1280*1024, is the game in full screen?
Does the sound works correctly?

(Please answer in the forum's dedicated topic above, and feel free to include some screenshots)

If tests are conclusive, then the will be integrated to PlayOnLinux's repository.

By Toumeno