Update PlayOnLinux 4.2

without loosing resources, wine & prefixes?

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booman Dimanche 24 Mars 2013 à 14:27

What is the proper way to update to PlayOnLinux 4.2 without loosing all of my resources (Windows packages), wine versions and my prefixes (virtual drives)?

The Mint software manager still shows the older version and doing an apt-get update doesn't work.
I'm guessing I need to backup all the previously mentioned and do a remove then install?

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petch Dimanche 24 Mars 2013 à 20:46

You don't need to backup anything (even if it never hurts ;) ), just go to the Download page and follow the Ubuntu instructions.
Ronin DUSETTE Dimanche 24 Mars 2013 à 20:55

Thats all I did. Just upgraded this AM. Didnt have to delete or change anything. Just installed the new version.

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