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(I know it's old, but the existing forum does not address this issue...

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Andromitto Dimanche 28 Avril 2013 à 19:45

Hello All,

Im a bit new to play on linux, formerly, I just used wine without a frontend. The Bioshock dvd is found and runs through the install process with no problems. However, upon reaching about two thirds completion, it stops and asks for the disc with ''. So far as  can tell, this file does not exist. The game only came with the one dvd and it does not contain this install file. Has anyone heard of this issue? The existing forum does not seem to have any answers for this specific problem. Insofar, this is the only game I've encountered an issue with installing in wine/playonlinux. I guess I'm rather lucky in this regard. Look forward to any help you can provide.

Ronin DUSETTE Dimanche 28 Avril 2013 à 19:57

Hmmm. You can try copying the whole disc to a folder, and point the POL installer to that folder instead of the disc driver mount folder. That could help.

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booman Mardi 7 Mai 2013 à 14:18

I would try copying everything from the disk to a folder on the desktop also.
When I installed Bioshock with PlayOnLinux I used the download version from Amazon.
It installed fine with the provided PlayOnLinux script.

If copying the disk and installing from your desktop doesn't work, try a manual installation and different versions of wine.

I have seen installations fail in the past and it was usually the Wine versions or the Virtual Drive missing certain packages like vcrun & dotnet

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