Move wineprefix to another hard disk?

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wolfyrion Samedi 25 Mai 2013 à 9:06

First of all I would like to greet you all and big thanks to playonlinux developers for all the amazing job you are doing... :)

I am very new to Linux world and currently I am using Linux Mint 15 RC Olivia Cinnamon edition based on Ubuntu.

On .playlinux default folder EVERYTHING is working fine but because I have an ssd of 120GB I want to move the winprefix folder to my second hard drive /media/Games to the folder WinGames/wineprefix

Now to the problem........

I have created a symlink 

sudo ln -s media/Games/WinGames/winprefix /home/wolf/.PlayOnLinux/winprefix

When I start Playonlinux
(debug log)
[05/25/13 09:25:42] - Running wine- WOTLauncher.exe (Working directory : /home/wolf/.PlayOnLinux)
p11-kit: couldn't load module: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/pkcs11/ /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/pkcs11/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directorywine: configuration in '/home/wolf/.PlayOnLinux//wineprefix/WorldOfTanks' has been updated.
wine: cannot find L"C:\\\\windows\\\\system32\\\\WOTLauncher.exe"
[05/25/13 09:47:00] - Running wine- WOTLauncher.exe (Working directory : /home/wolf/.PlayOnLinux)
wine: cannot find L"C:\\\\windows\\\\system32\\\\WOTLauncher.exe"

I have checked the folder on my ssd /home/wolf/.PlayOnLinux/winprefix and started creating files and folders there... why?????????? so I assume that symlink is not working ? oO?

If I remove the symlink and copy back the folder winprefix is working fine...

So what I am doing wrong ?
I have tried to symlink the whole .playonlinux folder but I was having problems with some some lib missing so thats why I wanted to symlink only the winprefix.

So if anyone can  help me out or point me to the right direction I will appreciate it.

And Yes I have searched the forums ,web etc I have tried the things mentioned but none is working so thats why I am posting a new topic...

I have read also this post but nothing...

petch Samedi 25 Mai 2013 à 9:37


sudo ln -s media/Games/WinGames/winprefix /home/wolf/.PlayOnLinux/winprefix
First, can I assume that "winprefix" is a typo? You were very consistent about using this name in your post, but the directory is called wineprefix, with an e.

Secondly, what's stored in a symlink is a path name; If it's relative (do not start with a /, like here), it will be interpreted from the directory that contains the symlink, so your symlink is pointing to /home/wolf/.PlayOnLinux/media/Games/WinGames/winprefix
wolfyrion Samedi 25 Mai 2013 à 15:42

To ALL The people who are trying to create a symbolic link here is a small Tutorial for Ubuntu/Mint users

For Example

I want to move the wineprefix from my /home/wolf/.PlayOnLinux to /media/GAMES/wineprefix

1. Create a folder on your Drive GAMES with the name wineprefix
2. Open the Terminal and run

sudo ln -s /media/GAMES/wineprefix /home/wolf/.PlayOnLinux

That command above means that it will create a wineprefix symbolic link to the folder PlayOnLinux which the software will use to install your games.
This is a CASE SENSITIVE command be sure to check caps and typos otherwise it will NOT work

now if you go to folder /home/wolf/.PlayOnLinux you will see an arrow with the symbolic link created called (have to enable show hidden files)


Symbolic link ,means that the software playonlinux is using the folder wineprefix to install the games and it must be the same name with the symbolic link.

You cannot create a a symbolic link called MYWindowsGames

This is wrong
sudo ln -s /media/GAMES/MYWindowsGames /home/wolf/.PlayOnLinux

Thats all for now ...

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