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luyz25 Dimanche 26 Mai 2013 à 14:59

Hi, I try to install Tera Online in playonlinux the launch works and when i click play don't work i'm using this guide:

I was install evry thing and using a wine version 1.5.28-TERA, but don't start the game in the wine version 1.5.5-TERA works but with very lag...I would like to patch the wine version  1.5.30

but how i do that in the playonlinux?
luyz25 Dimanche 26 Mai 2013 à 16:24

Now i add -dx9single in the arguments and the lag stop, working wonderfull!!

I only need help to solution 2 things:

- The sound don't work

- The Mouse always altomatic up
luyz25 Dimanche 26 Mai 2013 à 16:34

Now i try this:

[ "$POL_OS" = "Linux" ] && Set_SoundDriver "alsa"
[ "$POL_OS" = "Linux" ] && Set_SoundEmulDriver "Y"

in the game the sound works only, but in the introduction of the game not works
wildbob Jeudi 3 Octobre 2013 à 12:48

Sorry for the bad English.
At the start, we have been given: Linux Mint 15, i686, AMD Athlon X2 4200, GeForce GTX 550 thou, 3 GB of memory.
When you install Wine from the repository Playonlinux launcher does not find server or does not work sign into your account. Found on the Internet posted Wiens already patched by Tera, but there was a problem with the mouse (the mouse is constantly pulling to the left and up).
I decided to go the other way and collect wine from source with the patch OpenInputDesktop and RAW3 - but something does not come out to compile it (((
constantly complains about Xlib/Xfree86 etc.
If anyone has vorzmozhnost collect wine with this patch. I would be very grateful.
Tera Online itself starts and runs fine no problems with sound or video was not observed. FPS check failed because not even finished creating the character.
PS Noticeable is a big difference in the game under different versions of Wine, the higher version of the same nimble running game)
wildbob Jeudi 3 Octobre 2013 à 13:00

Here is a link to those Wine -!AInjIPMvGBVpf3U
luyz25 Lundi 26 Mai 2014 à 22:22

Now, i'm testing the script with tera online with a clean installation of wine 1.7.17. If it's work's i'll update the script.
kestrelcz Lundi 23 Juin 2014 à 21:26

Any update about Tera install script pls ?

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