iTUNES install script for POL 4.2.1. on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

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lynnealex Dimanche 11 Aoüt 2013 à 17:52

Hi folks,

I tried selecting the TEST box within the Install screen and there is nothing under itunes.
Is there another name used for the script ?

I have also searched through threads of other people who have loaded it and cannot find another repository for this script.

I've tried manually installing it, but all I have access to is the raw install .exe from the apple site.

I simply want to use my Ubuntu laptop to play tunes from my iTunes account through my surround sound system.

I haven't got any Apple Devices at all, so no Synch needs.

petch Dimanche 11 Aoüt 2013 à 18:40

If you just upgraded from PoL 4.0.x, clicking once on the Refresh button may be necessary to access scripts list.
lynnealex Lundi 12 Aoüt 2013 à 0:43

Thanks Petch !
That was the trick.

It's loaded now.

You're the best !

spiderman152 Mardi 13 Aoüt 2013 à 6:29