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Can't Print...

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rucas911 Dimanche 11 Aoüt 2013 à 23:43

I have installed the latest version of PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu 12.04.  I have also installed IE8 via PlayOnLinux.  It works well, with the exception of printing.  When ever I click File -> Print or hit a print button within a webpage, nothing happens, but I do get a POL has experienced a problem.  This error doesn't stop IE8 from function, only from printing.  

I can print from other applications installed via POL, like Notepad++, but just not from IE8.  

Can anyone help me with this?
booman Mercredi 21 Aoüt 2013 à 22:38

I honestly have no idea. Did you install printer drivers in the virtual drive to print from notepad?
Or does it automatically work?

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