Request: New D3D9 state tracker that works!

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artivision Mercredi 21 Aoüt 2013 à 23:18

A new D3D9 state tracker for Mesa/Gallium is here and it is stable, plus a Wine patch:

R600g driver is almost as fast as AMD Catalyst, even without the new back-end:

Nouveau for Nvidia at least for GTX300 and before, is also in a good state. Intel's to.

It will be good to have a D3D state tracker installation from PlayOnLinux, plus a patched Wine with other patches to (like awesomium).

I believe these things will be in fast development state inside 2013. Intel and Mesa people have decided for an OpenGL version release every 3 months instead of 6, and also to update Mesa version releases every 15 days.