Ableton push for live 9

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redboss Lundi 9 September 2013 à 2:37

Hello everyone, so i got ableton live 9 up and running using playonlinux. When you plug in the push controller it is supposed to work automatically if ableton live is open, but it doesnt. It just says start ableton live to play...well when i start ableton live nothing happens...anyone know why its not working? Thanks
redboss Mardi 10 September 2013 à 2:53

Hey friends, i really need to get my push controller working on ableton...i dont want to go back to windows but i might have to if i cant get this thing working, please help!
redboss Mercredi 11 September 2013 à 4:26

Ok i keep researching this but i still cannot fix it, can anyone with the know how assist me? it will be greatly appreciated!
chee Mercredi 26 Mars 2014 à 16:45

i am interested in this.