Diablo 3 black screen with cursor and video card not supported

We have detected that your video card is not supported by Diablo 3

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segarcia1 Mardi 17 September 2013 à 6:16

Hello all,
I am new to linux and want to play diablo 3. 
My laptop is capable of running it since I have played it in windows 7. 
I am trying to migrate to Linux.  I have Nvidia7900gs with driver 304.88
I have Kubuntu 13.04 64bit and can install diablo 3 but when I try to play, it says I have an Nvidia 7800GT and if I press escape, I get a black screen with sound and the diablo 3 cursor but I can't see anything of help. I have looked around the forums but have found no solution. 
glxinfo | grep direct says I do have direct rendering. 
I am kind of a noob at this and any help would be great.  Thanks in advance.
booman Jeudi 19 September 2013 à 0:58

Here is a video guide on installing Diablo 3 in Linux with PlayOnLinux
Diablo 3 Guide

The only black screen solutions I have found are for AMD/ATI video cards. which you don't have.

Q: I'm using video card equipped with ATI/AMD GPU/APU and when I start up the game all I've got is a "black screen" or a "black window".
A: Most likely you had hit a bug in the video card driver. Your best bet would be try to update it to the most recent version. In case you are already using latest driver release (or in case it's hard for you to update video card driver for some reason) you might have some luck workarounding this problem by applying a small registry change to your prefix. What you would want to do is to set "AlwaysOffscreen" key to "enabled" under "HKCU/Software/Wine/Direct3D". You could easily do it with recent enough winetricks by executing "winetricks ao=enabled" for your Diablo III Wine prefix.


But you could still try this "AlwaysOffscreen" key change... at your own risk of course.

What version of Wine are you using?
Also the GeForce 7900 no longer gets updated. Its considered legacy. Since its a laptop, you won't be able to update the video card. So it could definitely be a driver issue.

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pizzaops Dimanche 31 Mai 2015 à 23:52

I only get a black screen at the game selection page. Any ideas?


Ronin DUSETTE Mercredi 3 Juin 2015 à 2:27

I agree with Booman. Likely a driver issue. I would try to update to the latest open-source radeon driver, and see if it has better support. 

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