Running wine (other version then installed) from folder

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dr_frost_dk Jeudi 31 Octobre 2013 à 7:54

I been trying like crasy to get another wine version installed since i could se on wineHQ that most of the games that hasen't worked lately (wine 1.5+) was working, and so far a bit of success thanks to PlayonLinux i was able to download 1.1.32 and i works, BUT i want to use the 1.1.32 folder it downloaded/made in the wine folder under PlayonLinux, i want to put it in /home/$USER/wine1.1.32 and somehow run the "special" games via command line or .sh file in the folder of the game....

So far i have spendt a few hours searching and searching on MANY forums and webpages but cant find just what im looking for.

Now to sum up:
* Want to use the wine folder that PlayonLinux installed under .PlayonLinux/linux-x86/wine
* I want to mover that folder so i always have it even after reinstall or something like that.
Want to just be able to execute .exe file via .sh file in game folder like /home/$USER/wine1.1.32/bin/wine game.exe to run the 1.1.32

Hope that alll made some sense...
Now i don't expect it to work just as i described but any help on running it from a folder would be nice, i already have the newest 1.6/1.7 installed and it is running great for everything else but somethings i can only get working in the "old" wine