[Solved] Diablo III account suspent after 2000 hours game

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egelor Vendredi 1 Novembre 2013 à 12:49

Hi i want to inform you that after 2000 hours game my account was suspended.
When i was full on crafting gems today.
After i wrote at d3 forum. They send me an email and saying that i've been suspend for 24 hours to 2 days.
I hope that tommorow i'll login again.
I really don't wonna loose my items.. and my account.
I also wonna say that all this make's me good as i spend too much time in battle.
I was waitting for the expansion. And i realy like the idea of Reaper of Souls.
Pls.. Help.

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egelor Dimanche 3 Novembre 2013 à 13:40

I wrote at Diablo's Forum the first day.
The feedback was but. Newbies came and attacked saying that they don't care.
Thread was locked.
Second day rexal from battle's and chill with my friends. email came from battlenet telling me to reset my password technical problems didn't let me fix this problem.
Today there was a free call by me through skype. Problem fixed as i explain one time more that we are "great" us a community and we want to be legal.
Thank you all for reading. Happy Reaper of Souls see you at Hell
booman Mercredi 6 Novembre 2013 à 19:22

So your account is working now?

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