Character model issues in Witcher

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sdpeterson Vendredi 29 Novembre 2013 à 18:27

Similar to a previous post and reply, I am having issues with a fresh install of Witcher Enhanced Edition using POL 4.2.1.  Basically, most of the character's features are not rendered, leaving me with floating eyeballs and teeth, etc. A previous post referenced a known wine issue that hints at the solution:

It seems that the solution is to use textex as the Render Target Mode Lock.  This option is not available in the Display options of the same name in POL (I can selected "disabled", "readdraw", and "readtex", none of which work).  Can anyone give me a clue as to how to resolve this issue?  

Thanks in advance.
petch Vendredi 29 Novembre 2013 à 20:08


I answered your bug report