Anno 2070 istall script is broken

Anno 2070 Install script needs to be updated

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steve723 Vendredi 27 Décembre 2013 à 10:17

I just tried to installl Anno 2070 (Steam). It no longer works due to recent Steam update that breaks on all earlier versions of wine.I had to run the script up to Steam login and then quit the script and do the rest manually. After upgrading the VD to the latest version of wine so Steam would work again.

I am still downloading the game but if someone updates the script so it uses the latest version of wine then I think it should work again.

Probably all scripts that use Steam will need updating. Isn't gaming on Linux fun some days? Lol.
steve723 Vendredi 27 Décembre 2013 à 20:17

There is something else wrong. I get all the way to the new patcher and it hangs. I go into the Steam Anno 2070 forums and discover other Linux users are reporting the same problem. Maybe we need to change something in the VD or how wine is configured.