different user has to reinstall fonts for playonlinux

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meneleyh Dimanche 29 Décembre 2013 à 22:48

Okay, so I have a user who has Playonlinux installed and working great. I add another user to the system and start Playonlinux. Why does it have to reinstall all the Microsoft fonts?? It also has to reinstall Mono???  Should these already be available from the system, since Playonlinux is already setup and working???  Is there a way to copy the necessary files over without having to download again??? Will I have to reinstall Wine versions for the new user, also??? I have installed the distro version of Wine and it works across all users. Sure do appreciate your time. THANKS, Harold
petch Lundi 30 Décembre 2013 à 0:43

Since PlayOnLinux runs with no extra privileges it cannot alter the system in any way;
It works purely in (each) user home directory.