Office 2007 in play on linux does not open files with acute or tilde

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gomezcarlose Vendredi 10 Janvier 2014 à 17:14

I have a problem, using playonlinux --run "MIcrosoft Excel 2007" %f, if %f refers to a file with acute, tilde, and other spanish simbols (español.xls, remuneración.xlsx), Excel does not open the file.

However if I open the program, then search for the file using the built in it does open it.

The same happen with the click to open with functionality, I can open all the files (word, excel, powerpoint) with double click, but if it has á, é, í, ó, ú, or ñ in the file name it does nothing, ¿How can I fix this?
booman Lundi 13 Janvier 2014 à 18:46

I have seen problems like this even in Windows.

What distro are you using?
What version of Wine are you using for Office?

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