Ghost Recon issues in Archlinux with Gnome 3

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cjpembo Vendredi 31 Janvier 2014 à 17:29

Hello everyone.

archlinux x86-64  16GB  core i5
nVidia GTX 770 with driver 331.38
latest Gnome 3.10.x
POL 4.2.2

I installed Ghost Recon from a few weeks ago and all was working excellent.  But, for the past few weeks, I now get a strange behavior after starting the game from the POL GUI:


Upon launching the game from the GUI:

1.  My 1920x1080 desktop switches to a much lower resolution.
2.  Ghost Recon "launches"; but the game is not the top-most window.
3.  The POL GUI is the top-most window and is full-screen... therefore the game is running behind the POL GUI and therefore not visible.
4.  I press to WIN-TAB to see all running applications (you would then use the cursor to select the application to bring focus to)... but all of the small views of the running applications are flickering very rapidly.  I try to click on the game's window, but it takes many, many attempts to get it to come to the foreground.

Wish I could record it for you to see.  It can take 10, 15+ attempts to get lucky and get the Ghost Recon window to take the focus.

Anybody have similar issues?