PoL changes Wine Version automatically.

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codycarr Mardi 4 Mars 2014 à 19:11

I've recently switch my main OS to Ubuntu 13.10 GNOME. Everything works awesome and my games run great. I had Diablo 3 installed once already but had problems so I reinstalled it. When I configured D3 first, I ran it under wine version 1.6 and it was perfect. However, now when I exit out of the configure dialogue box PoL switches the wine version for only my Diablo 3 virtual drive to 'system'. I changed it back to 1.6 and once the configure box is closed PoL switches it back. I have League of Legends installed and do not have this problem. I can, however, change the wine version and then click 'Run an .exe file in this virtual drive' to play diablo 3 and it runs great. I didn't have to do that the first time though. I have PoL 4.2.2. 

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petch Mardi 4 Mars 2014 à 20:12

The playonlinux.cfg file at the root of the Diablo 3 virtual drive may be corrupted (namely, lack a VERSION=1.6 line)?
codycarr Mardi 4 Mars 2014 à 21:21

As a relatively new user to Ubuntu and especially Playonlinux... How can I fix this?
petch Mardi 4 Mars 2014 à 22:42

Use your favorite text editor (gedit or similar) to open the file ~/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/DiabloIII/playonlinux.cfg