pol_wine crashes

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lenzo Lundi 31 Mars 2014 à 13:46

Hello everybody,
i have been trying for a long to install MS office 2010 in ubuntu 12.04.
Basically, i tried PlayonLinux with two different updates (the previous one and the current one). And i have also tried with x86 and x64 MS office. 
At the end always happens the same: I get a message of: language installation not suported (or sth like that) and then POL_WINE crashed

I don't know what to do. And i am tottally a noob in ubuntu.

I hope u can help me,

booman Vendredi 4 Avril 2014 à 22:14

Is your Ubuntu 12.04 the 64-bit version?

If yes, then when you install the x86 version, you will need to install Ubuntu's "ia32-libs" which installs all the 32-bit libraries.

What version of PlayOnLinux are you using?
What version of Wine did PlayOnLinux use for Office 2010?

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