Trying KDE Plasma Desktop

Just for fun!

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Chrisvdw Vendredi 4 Avril 2014 à 5:27

Create yourself a new virtual drive, 'kde' if you want.

Use the Configure menu in POL, Configure wine, choose the Graphics tab, tick "Emulate a virtual desktop" and make the size bigger, e.g. 1300x700.

Go to and download the kdewin-installer-gui-latest.exe and as they suggest, put it in C:\KDE4

In POL, use the Configure menu to start a Command prompt on this drive.  CD to C:\KDE4 and run the installer.

Choose for a start maybe just on or so applications you like and continue.  For me it installed 80 to 90 packages, which takes a while.  If it "hangs", just cancel an start it again - fortunately it keeps the already downloaded packages.

After finishing the install, still from command prompt (or you can start it again maybe), do the following commands:

cd Program Files
cd KDE
cd bin

Have fun, and tell me what I am doing wrong!

booman Vendredi 4 Avril 2014 à 21:21

Pics Pics Pics please!
Sounds awesome

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