Office 2010 requires MSXML 6.10

Installed but error still shows

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jiewmeng Dimanche 6 Avril 2014 à 3:10

I am on Arch Linux. I tried to install Office 2010 with PlayOnLinux, using "Install > Office > Office 2010", then browsing to my mounted ISO's exe, but keep getting the error that Office 2010 requires MSXML 6.10. I tried installing MSXML 6 using "PlayOnLinux Configuration > Office2010 > Install Components > MSXML6" but when trying to install Office again fails with the same error. Why is this? I thought PlayOnLinux will install dependencies? 
rifsta Lundi 23 Juin 2014 à 13:14

I have manjaro installed and had the same issue. Fixed it by following this:

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