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krissi Mardi 29 Avril 2014 à 15:02

Hi playonlinux

Have anyone tried out the new version og netrunner rolling release that is based on manjaro/arch. I just changed to netrunner rolling from *buntu and i must say that i love this distro even tho it is arch it is realy easy to use and i realy like that it is rolling release.
But i did get one bug with League of Legends with playonlinux and that was that i needed to downgrade lib32-libpulse, libpulse and pulseaudio.
So I think i have finaly found my distro of choose unless something will change with linux support for games.
Ronin DUSETTE Mercredi 30 Avril 2014 à 16:45

huh? Arch is Linux. *buntu is Linux. The only thing holding back games are the game developers. It has pretty much been proven by Steam that Linux is a great gaming platform. Slow, but surely, things are changing for the better for gaming.

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