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amstreet Vendredi 23 Mai 2014 à 13:42

I am a great fan of The Elder Scrolls series and I have seen a mod called Morroblivion that has had excellent reviews.  This allows Morrowind, in my opinion the best of the series, to run using the Oblivion game engine.  There is another mod called Skywind which when completed will run Morrowind on the Skyrim engine, this is at the moment in an alpha state.

My question is: Is it possible to run Morroblivion under Linux?  Or has all the hackery done to get it to run meant that it is off limits to Linux users?

Any answers would be most gratefully received as I'm dying to try this out if at all possible.

I might even resurrect one of my ancient Win98 SE boxes if I can't get it to run on my favourite O/S.

Thank you.
booman Jeudi 29 Mai 2014 à 23:30

I havn't heard of that one. Sounds really cool!
I have been following Morrowind Rebirth for a long time now. Its one of the largest modifications of Morrowind.
One way to see if Morrobilivion works is to try it out.
Sounds like you will need Oblivion installed first.
Here is a step-by-step guide on installing Oblivion in PlayOnLinux: Oblivion Guide
Kind of an old guide, I'm sure newer versions of Wine will work even better.
Then download/install Morrowblivion and see if it runs.
I've read that mods run fine in PlayOnLinux.

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