Portal 2 White Screen w/ POL + Linux Port black screen

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zeenarus Jeudi 3 Juillet 2014 à 16:18

Hello again, I have a tad bit of a problem with Portal 2.

There was a Linux port for it on Steam a while ago (a couple weeks past i think), using OpenGL instead of DirectX. Funny thing is, I can hear the opening audio and effects of the menu screen but I cannot see a single thing. It's all black. I ran Steam in the terminal and then Portal 2 to try to figure out the problem, and some files were missing in order to correctly render this. The other HL2 engine-reliant games worked fine with OpenGL, so I considered to wait for a fix.

I also tried running Portal 2 through POL, and I managed to get through the logo and menu. I could see the whole thing and all, and interact with it, but when I tried to start a new game it brings me to a white screen. Might be a problem with my ol' 6300 NVIDIA graphics card(or around that model), not sure. Any tips for it? I have a copy of the Linux Port results, showing some of the errors it might have found when I ran it through. I use an Ubuntu Linux Lucid 12.04, recently upgraded to it from 10.04.

nonnaccio Mercredi 23 Juillet 2014 à 15:41


I've had a similar problem with Steam For Linux and some games emulated via Wine, I've resolved installing the "libtxc-dxtn" package for my distribution, it's the S3 texture compression library and some games need it, you can always try to install it if you haven't already done that

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