The New League Patcher?

Will It Blend?

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zeenarus Mercredi 9 Juillet 2014 à 0:21

There's apparently a new plan for the patcher/launcher for league, coming soon(tm)

Will that have any effect on how League is currently played now? It's not using Adobe AIR, thank science, so there's a couple possible scenarios on how this would play out.

1.) Goodbye League, hello new script

2.) Same thing all over again

3.) We can properly use the store now (woo!)

I'm a little concerned on this, and I hope nothing changes with the update. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

zeenarus Mercredi 16 Juillet 2014 à 2:30

Important Bump Here

I downloaded it. The normal League logo icon on start up shows up, dissapears briefly, and is replaced with this ;

The bar under that is for downloading the new patcher, as seen on the official website. When it's done downloading, everything hits the fan. The whole ENTIRE launcher is white/blank, about the same dimensions of the old AIR client if not wider. It takes up a lot more processing power, but doesn't frizz the computer as much as the old patcher. There's only a tad bit of good news. When you start it up, you may not see anything, but you can certainly click and interact with the launcher. From what I've seen in order to start the patcher, you would need to click the options (under the three window managing icons) to select your region and language, then save it. After that, it then SHOULD enable the launch button to be clickable, in the upper middle of the screen. I have not been able to do that, after some blind option setting.

Main thing that's really important to try now is to find some way to make the launcher visible. That's the only problem that appears so far. Also, all of the old menu things in the original client after log-in (Summoner Profile(champions, runes, masteries), Shop) seems to be the same. Technical stuff up next!

I have used both wine versions 1.7.18/19-LeagueofLegends. Running on Ubuntu Linux 12.04, and the game uses the "rClient.exe", located in under RADS/projects/lol_patcher(which is new)/releases/ , along with many other .dll's. You guys can probably just download the client with some luck, but in any case you can find the PBE file at either for the 1.6 gig version (extract the rads) or the 1.6 mb version at the PBE community website, which only has the original patcher and a couple of dependencies(and apparently doesn't work for me). 

I'm juuuust putting this out here before thousands of linux players freak out.

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