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afd_rulez Dimanche 20 Juillet 2014 à 3:20


I'm trying to install the game Magicka thorugh steam. I installed most of the required libraries with wine 1.7.8. Then I switched to wine 1.5.18 to install other libraries: dotnet30 and dotnet35. I'm using PlayOnLinux 4.2.4 on Ubuntu 14.04.

The first time I installed dotnet30, it was smooth and error free. The other times (also this error appears when installing dotnet35, since dotnet35 installs it in the process) I get a report error window, then a window notifying me about the error. It says:

"The Program ServiceModelReg.exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience"

I copied the output of this process from the terminal. It is very long, take a look: Installing dotnet30 using PoL

When I tried to to install dotnet35, of course I get the same messages as before, but also, a message pops up saying: 

"You must first install .NET Framework 2.0SP1 before installing or reparing this product"

I don't understand how this happens, since .NET Framework 2.0SP1 installs in the dotnet30 process before it gets the error, and also in the dotnet35 process.

For additional testings, I tried installing dotnet30 using winetricks, and got the following results in terminal: Installing dotnet30 using winetricks

Any help is appreciated :)

Edit: Altough I used wine version 1.5.18 in PoL, winetricks probably uses wine 1.7.22 (if that makes any difference) and maybe doesn't install prereqs like dotnet20,dotnet20sp1,dotnet20sp2 like PoL does.

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