League of Legends Tarball won't download

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Righteou5 Lundi 21 Juillet 2014 à 7:17


I'm fairly new to linux, so take a deep breath.

I'm using xubuntu 14.04, with playonlinux ver 4.2.2

I don't know what version of wine im using at the moment but it's the one that came with the stock install..

Now, I'm trying to download the league of legends tarball and it goes nowhere, I'd love to give you more information but just don't know how. Also, if there an external link I can use instead. Might make things good easier.

Righteou5 Mardi 22 Juillet 2014 à 7:17

this is the second day i've tried it and on a different pc running mint qiana, is there something wrong at the server side?
petch Mercredi 23 Juillet 2014 à 13:12

Tried yesterday evening, worked on first try.

I couldn't test exactly when you reported the problem; and I don't know if there's performance monitoring to check if there was any special condition at that moment...