Game crashes if a button is pressed

Update: Game finally works

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afd_rulez Jeudi 24 Juillet 2014 à 0:24


I've been trying to get Magicka to work for the past two weeks. It launched and worked today !! :)

Specs: PlayOnLinux 4.2.4

          Ubuntu 14.04

          Wine 1.7.22

          Graphics card: Intel(R) Sandybridge Mobile

Libraries downloaded: 

Core Fonts, dotnet35, xna31, xinput, and d3dx10


Even though the game starts and opens up (it crashes a few times before a successful launch), whenever I press any button on the keyboard, the game quits immediately.

Other times, the screen is locked on the white screen (the first thing that appears when the game launches), and it isn't running in the background (aka $ top). And the game (wine actually) cannot be closed.

Any suggestions?

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New to this, and Loving it.
Robsteady Vendredi 25 Juillet 2014 à 3:49

I was able to stop this problem with Dear Esther by disabling the Steam overlay when playing. I don't know if that will help in your case but figured I'd mention it.

afd_rulez Vendredi 25 Juillet 2014 à 5:23

Thanks for the reply.

Just checked. It's already disabled. Don't know what's causing the problem?

New to this, and Loving it.
afd_rulez Vendredi 25 Juillet 2014 à 9:59

Found the solution. I executed DXsetup.exe through PoL. The executable is found in the dependencies file in the game's file. The game works fine :) (minus some minor texture errors)

New to this, and Loving it.