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Decuke Vendredi 1 Aoüt 2014 à 6:16

I saw it earlier and made it on my pc (using Ixit's Github) wine with native directx9 for open source gallium driver state tracker
what i'm asking for all of playonlinux staff is for add a wine compiled package from   (already patched for d3d9 state tracker w massive performance boost)
ps: the original git from chrisbmr is abandoned and  that fork is updated and patched every 2 months at least
ps²: on  the same Git you have the patched Mesa for more performance than the official branch.
even phoronix made an article about it :

Ronin DUSETTE Vendredi 15 Aoüt 2014 à 3:41

Well most games will not run as good on the open source drivers, ESPECIALLY Nvidia drivers, at this point in time. I am also weary of having some random, forked Mesa lib floating around my system, as literally, as soon as I update my graphics stack, I have to go back and copy it back in. 

I have read that article, and while it can be a performance boost, the fact that you would need Mesa from that git to be installed, which would need sudo, so we wouldn't be able to do that in a script, either. 

Now, the Wine devs are working on getting it, but have not fully pushed it forward for various reasons. Again, I could imagine that you need a patched, out-of-tree Mesa lib. 

That repository is also pretty dead. Mesa and Wine have both gone through major updates in the last couple of months, and unfortunately, this repo is not keeping up. 

Can you run some benchmarks WITHOUT the patched Mesa lib? Or is it required for the d3d9 patched Wine? If it required, then it is something that would probably need to wait until Mesa and Wine have that feature publically available. If you can run it WITHOUT the patched Mesa, I don't see why we couldn't try out a build of it. 

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