cant run playonlinux in latest ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64bit

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sclee0620 Mardi 19 Aoüt 2014 à 13:56

Hello I would like to use the window application so I installed playonlinux through the command lines instructed in this website.


However, when I click the icon, it does not pop up anything


currently I am on ubuntu 14.04 LTS in 64 bit


Please tell me how to run it . Thank you

BobMontgomery Mercredi 20 Aoüt 2014 à 17:49

I went to "download" clicked on the Ubuntu download, right under that is the "deb" link.  Downloaded it.  Went to my download folder, clicked on the download (POL) and it installed. I did not use the terminal to install it and it went well.

horsemanoffaith Jeudi 18 September 2014 à 19:38

sclee0620, are you talking about the PlayOnLinux icon on your launcher? I have the exact same problem... when I click on the icon on the launcher, it doesn't work. If you click on the Ubuntu laucher icon, and type in Play in the dash, the PlayOnLinux icon will appear. Click on it, and it should launch. Alternatively, you can launch a terminal either using the terminal icon in your launcher, going into the dash and typing Term, or by pressing Control-Alt-T. In the terminal, type in playonlinux and press enter. You'll see a few things scroll by in the terminal, and PlayOnLinux will start.

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