A Way Force WINE to do flipping instead of Swapping for NVIDIA SLI Support?

NVIDIA SLI needs screen flipping to work in Linux

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ThE_MarD Lundi 15 September 2014 à 19:04


Linux version: Xubuntu 32bit with kernel 3.16.2 & Antergos 32bit with kernel 3.16.2 & SteamOS

Version de POL: 4.2.4


So? My main question is... NVIDIA SLI on Linux requires screen flipping in order to work (at the moment anyways) so I was wondering if there's a way to force PlayOnLinux (WINE) to do screen flipping instead of swapping?


Here's what I mean...



SLI in its current state can simply not work in SteamOS as the application is never flipping directly to the screen because of the SteamOS compositor, and NVIDIA does not support that case. We have issues logged with them in order to improve this situation.

In general, improving SLI performance and compatibility on Linux is something that should be taken directly with NVIDIA.

It's possible it becomes a focus for us in the future if an OEM partner designs a major Steam Machine with SLI, but at this point we're focusing on other things.

As far as I understand it? This is the main issue for SLI in Linux but I could be wrong... but it would be nice to know if there's a way to force WINE to do frame buffer flipping instead of frame buffer swapping. Hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction. :)

Right now? The only SLI games that work in Linux is ID Tech 4 Engine games... so that means Prey, Doom III, Quake IV, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and "The Dark Mod" which is a free to play mod using the ID Tech 4 Engine.


By default? the NVIDIA drivers for Linux come with vSyncToBlank & AllowFlipping set to ON already... but I think it's WINE that won't enable it.

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Ronin DUSETTE Mardi 16 September 2014 à 8:18

SLI is not really a thing in Linux. Well, kind of. 

Put it this way; if you want to run SLI, you should be running in Base Mosaic or SLI Mosaic. That is only for native devices. As far as I know, ther eis no support for SLI or Mosaic in Wine. I think that there is a way to change to swapping, but again, I doubt it will take full advantage of that. 

For clarity, I run 3 graphics cards (all Nvidia, except an onboard Intel GPU), and SLI is a no-go for me. Same with Base Mosaic. Hopefully they will get SLI parity between Windows and *nix cleared up within the next year.

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ThE_MarD Lundi 6 Octobre 2014 à 18:33


Yeah I just wish SLI in Linux worked good... it's the main reason I've stuck with Windows... but SLI in Linux hasn't been improved since it was first implemented in 2008 to work ONLY on ID Tech 4 Engine... and that talk about Swapping got me excited that maybe there's a way... but by the sounds of it? There isn't.... meh, I guess I'll check into Linux again in a years time, maybe once SteamOS comes out and starts becoming more than a niche living room streaming OS? Then we might see SLI.