Add the game Euro Truck Simulator 1 in PlayOnLinux

There is not a script to install the game Euro Truck Simulator 1 in Play On Linux

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Renan Rischiotto Jeudi 18 September 2014 à 1:37
Renan RischiottoAnonymous


I would suggest that the game Euro Truck Simulator 1 was added at the Play On Linux since it does not have Linux version (only the 2 has version for Linux on Steam).


Ronin DUSETTE Jeudi 18 September 2014 à 4:05

Someone would need to write a script for it. ;)

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Renan Rischiotto Vendredi 26 September 2014 à 22:09
Renan RischiottoAnonymous

Well, I do not know if a script is needed to install the downloaded file of ETS1 through the official website anymore, because I'm playing the game through Steam (Windows version, installed by PlayOnLinux), and apparently is working fine except the sound of the cars when comes close to that is strange, but I think it's normal, I do not have Windows to compare.

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