Installed games not showing?

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vale2do Mardi 23 September 2014 à 22:11

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
PlayOnLinux 4.2.5

Installed Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm and World of Warcraft, tested both games to make sure they worked and they did. Rebooted later on and now I can't find either game? 

From inside POL I don't see the games listed anywhere and can't find them in the .PlayOnLInux folder in /home



vale2do Mardi 23 September 2014 à 22:20

Sorry. Found it in PlayOnLinux folder in Home. 

petch Mardi 23 September 2014 à 22:23

Do not run the programs from their installers, so that the installation can complete.
This is displayed once before the first installation script runs, but it seems you didn't read it.


vale2do Mercredi 24 September 2014 à 2:22

I don't know what you're talking about but everything seems to be working okay.



petch Mercredi 24 September 2014 à 7:13

Do you have the game shortcuts in PlayOnLinux main window now?