Automatic Shortcut generation

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rsyspol Vendredi 3 Octobre 2014 à 7:59

The generation of shortcuts should determine the version of the used desktop and place the files in the corresponding folder. Not only "Desktop". 

In GNOME3 it's "~/.local/share/applications/" 

That makes the user experience more neat.

Best would be that at the end of an installation a wizard pops up and asks for which shortcuts should be placed. Selectable by checkbox.

petch Vendredi 3 Octobre 2014 à 12:53

Since PlayOnLinux 4.2, POL_Shortcut supports this, thru an extra parameter that tells in what category(ies) the menu entry(ies) should be created. So only the install scripts that have been modified to take advantage of that can create menu entries.

Shortcuts creation is controlled by the two global settings NO_DESKTOP_ICON and NO_MENU_ICON (yes, no GUI to set those... yet)

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