Can't login to GW2

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wisemonkey Jeudi 9 Octobre 2014 à 7:27

OS: Kubuntu 14.04

POL ver: 4.2.2

Wine Ver: 1.5.28GuildWars2

Installed GW2 with POL game worked good, I had to reduce video settings to performance to get better FPS.

However problem is I can't login, launcher/login screen doesn't have blinking cursor in email ID and password fields, thus I can't input any information in those fields. I can't do anything with launcher but to close it. Once in a while (maybe 1 time in 50) I can login and play. Whats the issue?


I've left a feedback in feedback section ( as well

wisemonkey Jeudi 9 Octobre 2014 à 18:03

It worked just now, seems to be working only in the mornings?? indecision I'm not sure if time of the day has anything to do with it but its 3rd day in row when I saw game working in the morning and not at night.



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