Older game - custom patched wine?

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Paulie76 Mardi 14 Octobre 2014 à 15:27

Hi All;

Posted this into General Discussion initially.  Probably the wrong place for it.  Reposting it here.

A long time ago, there was a bug for Silent Hunter III and 4, where both would not display smoke and fire close-up.  Only zoomed far far out would it show somewhat properly, and really faint at medium range.

Now supposedly, this was fixed in 1.5.13 as per this:

But when I tried it, I had no difference in the results.

I've tried custom patching wine myself and installing it.  But all versions with working patches are older (1.3.7 was the latest version the patch worked with I think)

It seemed to compile fine after a few attempts, but I can't get the game to launch with it at all.  So I must have done something wrong.

Does anyone know, if it is indeed fixed since 1.5, are there specific settings I need?  Anyone else have experience with it?  Literally EVERYTHING else works perfectly, and I can probably live without smoke close up, but it makes spotting ships on the horizon really hard due to faint smoke.

Thanks in advance everyone.


booman Mercredi 29 Octobre 2014 à 20:01

There is a platinum report on WineHQs for Silent Hunter III with Wine 1.7.12

There is also a platinum report for Silent Hunter V, but not tips on how they got it to work.

You can always test it with a newer version of Wine as well.

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