Joystick Config.

skyrim wont detect joystick

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lotrokb Jeudi 4 Décembre 2014 à 3:53

hello, im new around and newcomer aswell to the linux community (barely 2 years)  now im venturing into  STEAM and  purchased Skyrim and a few other titles, some run on steam or linux, others requiere POL,  so my question is how to get the joystick to work on the POL games, it appear that my linux detects my joystick no problem i installes jstest, joystick and other solutions i came across reading.

the joystick has a CD with drivers for windows 8, could i use those driver on POL??? or am i just to much of a noobie, please help me out guys!

i just cant seem to be able to play for instance skyrim, the controller lights up, and the jstest detects the buttons, but NOT Playonlinux.





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