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vylaern Lundi 8 Décembre 2014 à 8:06


After 6 years of not playing EVE online (I had only linux, and could't run this with wine), thanks to PlayOnLinux  (EasyPeasy) I've got it on my Gentoo :) Huge thanks to all PlayOnLinux team and this video:

I have a question. I have chosen an EVE from PlayOnLinux list. When I go to the configuration, I could see it use 32bit and 1.6 wine. Do you think, changing into 64bit or newer versions of wine will give me any improvement? If yes how to do this (change into newer version of wine inside PlayOnLinux).

vylaern Mardi 9 Décembre 2014 à 18:34

After testing I would like to confirm:

1) Works perfectly with wine 1.7.32 32bit (PlayOnLinux -> EVE Online -> configure -> wine version)

2) Works perfectly with Rhea release (Today deployed)



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vylaern Vendredi 19 Décembre 2014 à 6:55

Just tested - works perfectly with new wine 1.7.33 32bit (PlayOnLinux -> EVE Online -> configure -> wine version).

Ronin DUSETTE Vendredi 19 Décembre 2014 à 7:51

64-bit versions are still a little unstable, simply because of the difficulties therein, but 32-bit support is fairly rich. I know there is an installer for EVE already in our system. So, if we could get this implemented into a script, that would be cool. 

But, before that, is it broken otherwise? Does 1.7.33 offer better performance? If so, did you have the same graphics drivers and kernel and all of that between testing? Unfortunately, I do not have EVE (much to my chagrin), but as much info as we can get, the better. :)

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