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Phobos Vendredi 28 Mars 2008 à 18:28

well, since this is the suggestion forum... I´ll proceed to say some ideas I have for POL hehe

first off, I want to say I like POL very much... Im not using it only for games, but also to test a lot of programs thanks to the interface for WINEPREFIX.... its great what I read about you working on a WorkOnLinux... since I agree that POL should not be limited only to games

my first suggestion is to make POL compatible with winefix ... I already use both changing the scripts generated by POL to use winefix instead of vanilla wine, but I think it would be great if both projects worked together... it further helps with compatibility issues (especially when using Compiz) and other options like reporting when an app crashes (instead of just disappearing) and a link to the appDB (this helps a lot when you dont know what going on)

I also use POL as a launcher for EXE files... its not hard at all to add an app to the list and make it point to the direction of the app anywhere on the disk, but I think this functionality can also be added to POL and be of use to others hehe

another cosmetic one... is there a way to take and EXE resources, like its icon, and use it on POL?... what I mean is that when you select the EXE to use in POL, it takes the programs icon and automatically add it to the icons folder

hmmm for now, a last one is to better check the english translation because there is still a lot of french everywhere in POL hehehe... I dont have any problem with this, but just to let you know
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