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d15d18a Dimanche 25 Janvier 2015 à 1:40

Hello, I want to run a POL program that's already on the list, the only problem I have is that by default it runs with WinXP and I need to run it with Win7, how will I be able to change the Set_Os from winxp to win7?

Ronin DUSETTE Dimanche 25 Janvier 2015 à 2:31

Play on Linux - configure - select virtual drive - wine tab - wine configuration

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d15d18a Dimanche 25 Janvier 2015 à 3:54

Thanks for your answer, I was doing it that way but I was just wondering if I could edit it directly from the script, is that possible?

petch Dimanche 25 Janvier 2015 à 13:27


You can click on the "Contribute" button in the game's repository page, and then unwrap "I want to submit an improvement" to see the script editor and add a Set_OS "win7" line somewhere below the POL_Wine_PrefixCreate line, maybe even near the end of installation as installing some components may change the emulated OS version, if the installer doesn't mind.

Still, I'm always a bit intrigued with such changes being required, I mean I don't doubt that the script worked as-is for the script author, so was the game upgraded? Will the old version work with this change? Such things...

d15d18a Dimanche 25 Janvier 2015 à 19:12

Thanks for the answer, however I was unable to find that "Contribute" button but I don't need the Win7 thing now.


Oh, and I used to need it for a class in college were the profesor asked us to download Ableton trial and write a VST in C (to analyze how the sound, signals, etc. Relate with our code). But I've managed to solve it already, I was having problems with win XP as I'm not familiar with Windows.

Thank you both for answering! wink

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