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Magix Music Maker 2013 Premium crashes during hitting the Record-Button

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GeniousHardcore Mercredi 4 Février 2015 à 0:11


I'm using an OpenSuSE Linux 12.3 586 (Dartmouth)

with Kernel: Linux 3.7.10-1.1-desktop

My Software is: "Magix Music Maker 2013 Premium" Version:19.0.57 UDC1"

My Software Crashes during I try to record some Audio-Track.

My Desktop is KDE 4.10.5 "Release 1"


My Machine is an "AMD X2 ..."

It got an "Ati Saphire 3650HD"

And any "Infinity" Mainboard with 3GB of RAM.

I tried to Install this Software at first over my Standard wine-Snapshot

Installation, version:

Additional, was myself installing "wine-asio","Q4wine","wine-game" and the Actual "Play on Linux"-Version.


I tried it even so with Q4wine,any in the near of actual Version, and with winegame,again any in the near of an actual Version.

The Problem stays the same.

Then was myself discovering Play on Linux and gave it a try.But this Software actually does not directly Support, my "Magix Music Maker 2013 Premium Edition"

Now do I ask in this Forum, if anyone would know how to fix this little Bug.

My Soundsystem is based on the ALSA-Sound-System and I use for recording any "Microsoft 3600HD-Webcam"

I hope this is enough Info at this time, because I'm trying to fix these troubles by myself again,by installing wxWidgets,TexLive and some, since now not really needed Mono-Packages,in the Hope, that this will be functionable.If it is, do I send a List of changes, that were requiered for fixing the Record-Crash-Bug-Problem I am holding.

If it's not functionable, do I please you, to help me fixing this bug,because I need this Software working on my OpenSuSE Linux 12.3,because in any other case, do I need a new Computer and that would be the total worst Scenario.

I sended hopefully enough Infos, to fix my Problem.

In any other case,do I not know what to do.

Greets to the Ladies and Gentleman, working with this Forum.

I'm a Rap-King, not a Game-King.
for further Infos,to my Music:
Ronin DUSETTE Mercredi 4 Février 2015 à 3:40

We don't troubleshoot anything but POL issues, so you will need to work with POL in here for us to troubleshoot it. If it is crashing when playing audio, the usual suspect is likely because the CPU is spiking out (I assume because you make music, you want low-latency audio). You will need to install Jack, qjackctl, alsaplayer-jack (I think. I usually work with pulseaudio), add your user to the 'audio' group, and will likely want to install a lowlatency or realtime kernel to achieve the low-latency needed for recording (for me, anything below 6ms). After you have all of that set up, you will want to use the newest version of Wine (add new 32-bit version of wine at playonlinux -> Tools -> manage wine versions, and select the newest one at the top with no patches. It should be wine-1.7.35).

After you installed that version of Wine, you will want to create new 32-bit virtual drive in PlayOnLinux, when asked, use that Wine version, then install your program with NO extra components from the Install Components tab. Then run the program. When it crashes, post your debug output here, so we can see exactly why it would crash in a fresh, default virtual drive (yes, you need 32-bit. 64-bit Wine/virtual drives are not very stable at all).

Post debug logs & full computer specs in first post
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