Ludwig 3 Installation issues

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danleighton Mardi 24 Février 2015 à 18:21

Hi All

Managed to solve streams of problems getting this music composition sofware to work. Running into a few last issues.

Final debug logs say this. Any help working out how to solve would be appreciated!

Running wine- Ludwig3.exe (Working directory : /Users/danleighton/Library/PlayOnMac/wineprefix/Ludwig3/drive_c/Program Files/ChessBase/Ludwig3)

fixme:thread:GetThreadPreferredUILanguages 52, 0x33fa94, 0x33fb04 0x33fa9c

fixme:heap:HeapSetInformation 0x0 1 0x0 0

fixme:shell:SetCurrentProcessExplicitAppUserModelID L"ChessBase.Ludwig 3.0 Free.3.8": stub

fixme:wincodecs:JpegDecoder_Frame_CopyPalette (0x1936dc,0x193568): stub

fixme:wincodecs:PngDecoder_Block_GetCount stub

fixme:msvcrt:__clean_type_info_names_internal (0x101450a4) stub

fixme:msvcrt:__clean_type_info_names_internal (0x78e1abb4) stub

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