world of tanks installs onto 64 bit prefix

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millerthegorilla Mercredi 25 Février 2015 à 1:40


I just installed World of Tanks from the install script on POL and it installed into a 64 bit prefix.  This is the first time this has happened, and I don't understand from the script why this should be the case.  I couldn't get it to work and then tried running winetricks with the WINEPREFIX set and the WINEARCH set to win32 and winetricks wouldn't open.  I removed the WINEARCH and winetricks informed me that the prefix was 64bit.

everytime I have installed it before it has installed into a 32 bit prefix.  I could try installing it manually into a 32 bit prefix but I don't know which dependencies it requires.


Many thanks

Ronin DUSETTE Mercredi 25 Février 2015 à 2:08

That is odd. Delete the virtual drive for Wot and try to install again from the install menu. It should totally be 32 bit, and winetricks shouldn't be needed, as pol takes care of the dependencies. Also, what version of Pol or you using?

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