League of Legends - erratic FPS

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Maxi-Waxi Dimanche 22 Mars 2015 à 11:48

Hello one and hello all!




NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M

Intel core i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz

8Gb RAM of some make - couldn't locate the vendorname



Clean intall of Ubuntu 14.10


Okay, so I hope I've done things right and writing the right place. So I've been playing LoL for some while now on POL with no major problems. But after the latest distro upgrade my FPS wont stay stable in any way. I've been looking around the forums and see that some others have similar problems, but they don't seem to match my problems. So I hope this wont be considered a double topic.


The problem is as stated very erratic FPS. There is no system to it, like it drops when in a team fight. In fact it have spiked up to about 60fps when in a ARAM teamfight but it also lowered to about 8fps when just standing in base. So have no idea what's going on. At one point the sound started to crackle as well, but that only happened one time.

The erratic fps also doesn't change with graphical options at lowest and shadows off.

I'm using the NIVIDIA proprietary, tested 331.113 driver.

If I left something out or I n00bed something up, please let me know.

Best regards


booman Mercredi 25 Mars 2015 à 23:10

I haven't played League of Legends in a while... probably need to test it again.
I have a GeForce 550 Ti and use the same Nvidia 331 drivers for all my games.

If I have a game that is running slow in my desktop environment, I try using Openbox desktop environment because it is like a "safe mode" with less processes going on in the background.

I use Mint and the Cinnamon Desktop Environment and sometimes it requires a lot of processing just to run the environment its-self, then a game on top is too much.

Are you having frame rate problems with other games as well?

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