How to use a script?

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zak84 Lundi 23 Mars 2015 à 17:31

Hello, i've downloaded playonmac to run Mafia I.

Now, i've found the script here ( because there's no in the app.
My question is, how can i use this script to install the game? I've searched, but without result.


petch Lundi 23 Mars 2015 à 17:43

It doesn't show up in PlayOnMac because it has been marked only Linux compatible in the repository

I don't know if it's a mistake, or if it really doesn't work on Macs. I can set Mac compatibility flag if you want to try (by the way this script looks quite old)

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zak84 Mardi 24 Mars 2015 à 10:01

Well if you can... thanks

petch Mardi 24 Mars 2015 à 12:45

zak84 Mardi 24 Mars 2015 à 12:50

i get this error before installation:

Error in POL_Wine_InstallVersion

Impossibile trovare la versione: 1.1.35


petch Mardi 24 Mars 2015 à 14:00

Ok, it seems the first version of Wine available of Mac is 1.2, so the script needs updating to be even tested on Mac.