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cowan283 Mardi 31 Mars 2015 à 0:15

Hi there,,

I'm trying to make Dawn of War 2 go a a reasonable speed when I launch it from Steam. The game launches fine, but goes at about 5 frames per secopnd when I try to play it. I should have good enough hardware so just trying to work out why

Nvidia GT218 [GeForce 210] with Nvidia driver 331
Intel® Core™ i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20GHz × 4 
Memory 3.8 GiB

Ubuntu 14.10
Wine 1.7.39
PlayOnLinux 4.2.3

It's certainly possible as wineHQ gave it gold

and there are various videos online of people playing it

Thanks in advance if you can help






Ronin DUSETTE Mardi 31 Mars 2015 à 0:49

Do you have the 32-bit graphics libs for your Nvidia card installed? You also might want to look at using Wine 1.7.39-staging (NOT the system Wine. The one you install from Tools -> Manage Wine Versions), and enable CSMT via Wine Configuration in the Wine Tab in the Configuration Window. Check the wiki if this is a bit confusing. 

Also, it is recommended to update POL to the newest version from our Downloads section. It will not fix this issue, but there are a lot of fixes since that particular release that you have.

I looked at the appdb entry; are you using the version of Wine it says works? It says Wine 1.7.30 is the working one, but you say you have a different version of Wine, which I assume you are talking about the System Wine. The System Wine is completely separate from POL's WineBuilds. 

Now, that slow of a speed is REALLY slow. You should totally be getting more than that. Just make sure that you also have the 32-bit Nvidia GL libs installed as well, and if that doesn't fix, for sure try the -staging POL WineBuild that I mentioned above, as that has been shown to give MASSIVE gains in performance for certain games and certain setups (though I am fairly certain that you are not using the correct Wine version listed at appdb, or you have a driver issue.). It is worth a shot. 

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cowan283 Jeudi 2 Avril 2015 à 0:32

Hi Ronin,

Thanks for your help

I set the wine version to 1.7.30, enabled CSMT, updated POL and I think I now have the right drivers. With setting everything low and reducing the resolution it's become playable! a mighty 20 frames per second average

Is there a way of testing to see if the drivers are properly installed? The aditional Drivers tab of Software & Updates has the following ticked "using NVIDIA binary driver - version 331.113 from nvidia-331 (proprietary, tested)" but i'm pretty certain that what it said previously.



Ronin DUSETTE Jeudi 2 Avril 2015 à 23:06

Try to update the drivers to more current ones. Like nvidia-346 or nvidia-346-updates or something. I think you will likely see better performance with more current drivers. 

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